2024 2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Intelligent Manufacturing (MSIM 2024)
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- Sanya, China -

MSIM 2024 will be be held in Sanya, China, from Jan. 19-21,2024. For further information about the Sanya, please find the below.


Sanya is located in the south end of Hainan Island, adjacent to Lingshui County on the east, Ledong County on the west, Baoting County on the north and the South China Sea to the south. Sanya is the only city in China that can enjoy the tropical rainforest and ocean scenery at the same time. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Sanya presents integrated beautiful sceneries of beaches, seas, mountains and rivers. Many hills also provide a commanding point for overlooking this city. Besides, the sea water is clear with high visibility and moderate water temperature, which is suitable for swimming all year round. Numerous egrets live in the evergreen mangroves on both sides of two rivers in the west and east of urban Sanya. All the above make Sanya a paradise for habitation, tourism and vacation.